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Personal Insurance Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Every Lemire Insurance Agency client can expect a level of personal care not commonly found in the business world today. Your needs are important, and our team takes the time to get to know you so we can fully understand and meet those needs. Since everyone’s requirements are somewhat unique, that’s an important time investment and the only way we can truly recommend the absolute best coverage that’s also budget friendly.

Today’s insurance needs are far more complicated than those of the past. Virtually everyone tends to routinely accumulate items no one had even heard of in the past. Whether it’s high-tech electronics or recreational vehicles, we’ve got the coverage you need. Some of the coverage options available include:

Automobile Insurance

Today, our clients drive everything from SUVs to hybrids, and we’re experts on matching your vehicles to the best car insurance coverage available. From basic liability insurance for cars to collision and comprehensive policies, Lemire Insurance Agency can quickly and affordably meet your needs. To make shopping for auto car insurance easy, we offer a quote for auto insurance either online or in our office, and you can even purchase car insurance online.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Protecting your home investment is critically important. Again, the exact coverage needed varies from one home to the next, but there are coverage options readily available to make sure you’re properly protected from a wide variety of threats. Contact us today to review your current coverage or design a plan to cover that new home.

Condominium Insurance

Owners of condominiums or town-homes have unique insurance coverage needs. While the structures themselves may be covered by the association’s¬†insurance in the event of a total loss, the property inside requires separate coverage. It’s also a good idea to look at the liability issues present to determine what types of protection are necessary. We’ll gladly review your specific situation and the coverage carried by the association to determine what level of protection you actually need.

Mobile Homes

Because mobile homes, or manufactured housing as it’s commonly referred to today, are somewhat different than either site-built homes or condominiums, their policies are also different. Lenders will always require coverage to protect their investments, but mobile home owners must also protect their interests, including the structures and their contents. To determine which policies would provide the optimal protection, talk to one of our specialists today.


Of course, not everyone owns a home. Anyone renting an apartment or home must protect their belongings in the event of fire, theft, or other types of losses. As with any other type of coverage, it’s always a good idea to contact our office and review your specific needs with our team members.

Furs and Fine Arts

Every homeowner’s policy protects a wide variety of belongings, but some property requires additional coverage to make sure damaged or stolen items are fully covered. Furs and fine art objects are two examples, but items like high-end electronics and coin or stamp collections may also need special protection. No matter what types of properties are involved, we can help to make sure you’re protected against losses.


Many people don’t recognize the value of their jewelry collections. Even though individual pieces may not be overly expensive to replace, the cumulative value of the entire collection often surprises people. It’s always a good idea to itemize every piece and discuss the coverage options with one of our team members.

Recreational Vehicle

Today’s recreational vehicles encompass everything from Class A RVs to four-wheelers designed for exploring wilderness areas. Each type of recreational vehicle presents different risks owners must consider. Of course, liability is always an issue. Even the most careful user can, under the right circumstances, be involved in some type of accident. Having the proper coverage is important, and we’re here to make sure all risks are covered.


Boats, jet skis, and other forms of watercraft all need coverage to protect you in the event of any type of accident or other events. Even the cost of recovering a damaged watercraft can be catastrophic, so every watercraft should be covered to prevent losses in the event of an incident.

Umbrella Coverage

Many people take advantage of umbrella policies to provide an extra level of protection. Today’s tort cases often result in huge judgements that typical insurance policies don’t fully cover. An umbrella policy takes over when the limits of other policies are exceeded.

Personal insurance coverage protects policy owners when the unthinkable happens. Whether it’s a motor vehicle accident or a home fire, properly selected policies help victims to recover financially. However, the right policy must be matched with your needs. That’s why Lemire Insurance strongly recommends reviewing your current coverage to identify any existing gaps in your protection. To get started, contact our team today to obtain additional information or schedule an appointment.