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Business Insurance Provides the Security You Need

Lemire Insurance Agency understands the sacrifices people make when owning a business. We also understand there are risks inherent when owning and operating a business. That’s why we work closely with every business client to make sure their investment is fully protected. Of course, no two businesses are identical, which means your needs are not the same as other business owners. That simply means the types of insurance protection your business needs must be identified, and that suggests our experts will need to sit down with you or your representative to determine exactly what coverage is actually necessary. Below are some of the coverages we provide.

Automobile Insurance

It’s important to understand that personal automobile insurance does not cover vehicles used for business. Our car insurance options for businesses protect owners or shareholders from common liabilities associated with the types of uses typically experienced by businesses. Discussing insurance for cars and trucks used with our team is a great first step. A business can get a quote for auto insurance today, and we even make it possible to purchase car insurance online. Because there may be issues related to the business use involved, feel free to contact our team to have any questions about business auto car insurance answered.


Business owners are frequently faced with the need to post some type of bond. When that need arises, we’re here to help and will work with business owners to quickly and conveniently obtain the bond they need.

Custom Packages

Because every business is unique, coverage types and amounts will vary dramatically from one business to the next. At Lemire Insurance Agency, we’re here to help every business owner evaluate their requirements and design custom packages that will meet those needs. If you’re unsure of the type or amount of insurance coverage your business needs, we’ll be happy to evaluate your needs and recommend policies to make sure your business is adequately protected.

General Liability

Today’s business owners face a variety of potential liabilities, and the best way to ensure you’re covered for most eventualities is to maintain a general liability policy. Of course, some organizations face unusual liabilities that must also be discussed. We’re available to go over your exposures and determine if a general liability policy is sufficient or if additional options should be explored.

Inland Marine

Many business owners are compelled to ship products to and from clients. At Lemire Insurance Agency, we encourage our clients to make sure those goods are protected during transit. If you routinely ship products or store customer-owned goods on your property, inland marine coverage may be the best option to protect those goods. We are here to answer any questions you may have related to this type of coverage and how it would benefit your business.

Professional Liability

Although not every business owner may need professional liability, also commonly referred to as errors and omissions coverage, many business owners routinely provide advice to clients that could, theoretically, result in damage to those clients. This type of liability coverage protects businesses routinely providing advice to others. If you’re wondering whether or not your business would benefit by including professional liability coverage, just ask.

Property Coverage

Every business owner invests in various types of property. Buildings, office equipment, and manufacturing machinery are examples of the types of property business owners routinely invest in. The loss of any property can quickly create financial hardships for a business. Make sure you’ve got adequate insurance to restore your business in the event of any loss. We’re available to assess your needs and recommend coverage to protect your business.

Umbrella Coverage

Our litigious society encourages people to initiate lawsuits that can prove to be disastrous for any business. Even when a suit is baseless, the costs involved can be significant. However, should a business be found negligent, the damage award can quickly exceed a business’s normal liability coverage. That’s where umbrella coverage can be invaluable. Our specialists can explain the pros and cons of every type of business insurance, including umbrella coverage.

Workman’s Compensation

If you have employees, workman’s compensation insurance is required. However, it’s important to determine if your employees are properly classified and the actual level of risk is covered. We work with clients to determine if their workman’s compensation coverage is adequate or should be reviewed.

Every business faces risks. At Lemire Insurance Agency, we’re here to mitigate those risks. We tailor business insurance coverage to meet the needs of each client. When your insurance needs are carefully tailored to meet your needs without exceeding them, you also save money. Our team of experts has the experience and industry knowledge to help every business owner determine which types of coverage are required and which are not. To review your current coverage or explore what insurance your new business needs, contact our team today.