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Lemire Insurance Agency is here to help clients with all their insurance needs. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we’ve seen how insurance has protected our policyholders when they’ve needed help. Today, the world is changing rapidly, and our staff members are here to help every client develop an insurance portfolio that truly reflects their needs. With access to some of the top insurance companies in the nation, we not only provide the best policies available¬†but are also able to keep your insurance costs as low as possible.

Our team also works to make sure the coverage you have today is always up-to-date. In other words, we’re here to help whenever there are any changes in your life. Whether it’s buying a new home, car, or even adding a new property to your investment portfolio, we’ll review your coverage to determine if you have the necessary protection. Relationships are important, and our mission is to develop a long-term relationship with each client by providing personalized service and offering only quality insurance products.

Protect Your Home Investment

While most people purchase homeowners insurance because it’s required by mortgage companies, that really shouldn’t be the primary reason for protecting your home investment. Remember that the building is, arguably, the easiest thing to replace should it suffer damage or be destroyed. For many people, the contents of their homes hold even greater value. At Lemire Insurance Agency, we understand how important those belongings can be, and we want to make sure your possessions are fully covered should there be any type of loss. Talk to our team of insurance experts to customize your coverage and make sure those special items are fully covered.

One issue our clients tend to overlook is increasing coverage when the markets change or when significant improvements are made to the property. As values increase, it’s important to review your coverage with an insurance professional to make sure the coverage keeps up with the market. Remodeling kitchens and baths are common projects, and those improvements tend to increase the home’s value. Talk to our team of insurance experts to customize your coverage to make sure those improvements are protected properly.

Talk to our team of insurance experts to customize your coverage to make sure special items like high-value electronics and collections are fully covered and any improvements are included in the coverage. We strongly recommend you review your coverage with our team every year.

Auto Insurance is a Must

Properly insuring automobiles, small trucks, and SUVs is, at times, even more complex than insuring a home. There are many factors to consider, and what may be enough coverage to meet the state’s requirements may not be sufficient to adequately protect the vehicle owner. Automobile coverage rates are determined by the type of vehicle, the miles driven, and the driving record of those driving the vehicle. Many insurance companies now also factor in a client’s credit rating as well. That’s why we explore every car insurance option when reviewing coverages with our clients.

While the state requires minimal insurance for cars, we know that’s not good enough when our clients invest thousands of dollars in their vehicles. Although we welcome clients in our office, we make it easy for anyone to get a quote for auto insurance and purchase car insurance online. If you’ve got any questions about coverage options, contact our team for auto car insurance information.

Business Insurance Needs Are Always Evolving

Every business changes. When first opening a new business, insurance needs may be relatively simple but, as any business grows, those needs will change. That means the coverage you considered to be sufficient five years ago may be far from adequate today. At Lemire Insurance Agency, we’ll take the time to determine where your business is today and where you anticipate it going tomorrow. We can tailor coverage to make sure it is really providing the protection your business needs. There are several issues that routinely come up that complicate business insurance coverage, and they must all be addressed to minimize any potential exposure. One important issue is using personal vehicles for business use. Doing so can create problems, so make sure you discuss the issue with our team.

Since each business is different, there is no one-size-fits-all coverage option. Whether it’s coverage for real estate, products in inventory, or different types of business liability, we’re here to help. Review your business with our experts and we’ll develop an individualized plan to protect your business against potential threats.

Lemire Insurance Agency is always here to discuss your insurance needs. We’re happy to review any current coverage to determine if it’s providing the protection you need, and we’ll discuss any options we feel would enhance your protection. If you’ve got questions, we’ll do whatever is necessary to get the answers you need. To make sure you’re fully protected, get in touch with our team today.